About Us

Artisan Bouquet, Delivering Eco Friendly, beautiful Flowers

We are located in the Gateshead but are proud to service both Newcastle and Gateshead areas

We specialise in Subscription Flowers and Events. In our efforts to become Eco Friendly we have have introduced a unique style of flower arrangements. Our funeral range brings with it innovative beautiful tributes that can be kept and cherished by those who have lost someone. As we are producing the frames ourselves, we can make bespoke arrangements and are not limited to catalogue items like other florists.

Meet the Owner and Founder of Artisan Bouquet

“I got into the Floristry Business because of my love and passion for flowers, plants and nature. However, I soon began to realise that most florists of today have been modernized and infiltrated with new innovations to save time and money. Harnessing and attempting to control nature seem a forever, human quest and these new innovations seemed to of engulfed the floral industry in the form of non-biodegradable compounds, non-reusable compounds, environmental degradation and toxic chemicals.

My dream for Artisan Bouquet would be to turn back 100 years when floral designs were nothing short of in genius using all sorts of twig, wire, pebble and moss for their design mechanics, the designs were just breath taking.

This is only the beginning; Artisan Bouquet will be continuously reviewing its products and suppliers. Our aim is to become even more Green and once again let the flowers and plants speak for themselves and reduce the impact caused to our environment.

Artisan Bouquet have teamed up with a local Nursery in Newcastle Upon Tyne to deliver beautiful Planters, Herbs and Fruit trees. We will be developing a new range of planters as we move through the seasons. we have a vast amount of knowledge in both Orchid growing and Succulent planting. “We will always have the perfect gift ready to deliver”.

Green Floristry

Working with our local Nursery “Toms and Joes” of Wylam means that we are reducing the “Plant Miles” involved in getting the plant to your door and we all use a peat free compost, reducing the impact to our environment. Once the plants are potted by the Artisan Bouquet Team, we will return the growers pots back to the nursery for recycling.

Weddings and Events

We have a very talented team at Artisan Bouquet and each person can bring a different skill and expertise to any event. Not all our team come from a florist background. My sister has been involved in interior design and textiles and was a hotelier for many years. Olga is a gardener with many years experience in growing and planting. The whole team does share one similar belief, that is “bringing our customers beautiful flowers for every occasion, whilst being as Eco Friendly as possible”.